Thursday, November 13, 2003

I WON!!! I love it when I win things, any thing, really. Yesterday there was an employee benefits fair here at work, and there was a raffle for random things. I won a Powerpuff Girls Save the Day game. It looks very exciting. Of course I was hoping for the giant MetLife stuffed Snoopy or the Braves throw, but hey, I'll take what I can get. This game will either make some little girl very happy (after I donate it to Toys for Tots or some such organization), or keep us busy here at work when there's nothing else to do and online scrabble isn't cooperating (which is quite often, unfortunately). I can't say I don't like my job, because it's really incredibly simple. I can play games on the internet (I'm a Dynomite addict), cross-stitch, build web pages, start a business, all while getting paid a rather competitive rate. Plus, we just found out today that we have casual days from now until the end of the year. Score! But now I have to wash some jeans so I have something to wear. Hm.


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