Monday, December 15, 2003

So Dave's little sister is married now. It was a nice wedding, despite the fact that A) it was in podunkville South Carolina, B) they had fake flowers, and C) the church was hardly decorated at all. There was also a lot of praying and scripture reading, which is okay for some, but incredibly boring for most people, including myself. And some guy sang the Lord's Prayer. Can't we just chant it like normal people? Come on. It took like 5 minutes, and he was singing way too loud. There was a bagpipe girl playing the recessional, though, so that gets an A in my book. She was also in full regale. Kilt and everything.

Now I'm thinking about all the things that I would do differently at my wedding. For one thing, there would be real flowers, no question about it, and lots of them. There would also be alcohol at the reception. I want people to be able to toast me. Dancing, I could take or leave, since I'm not a dancer. We'll have to see about that. There wouldn't be as much singing in the service. It just takes up too much time. The ceremony itself doesn't take long at all, it's all the extra crap that makes it long. I think I'll just have it short and sweet. But I'm not even engaged at this point, so it's all moot, I guess. I do know that Publix is going to make my wedding cake. Yum.


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