Thursday, December 18, 2003

Morning After' Pill Gets Nod From FDA

Okay, first of all, if everyone is so opposed to abortion, wouldn't this be a better option? There would never be an egg to be fertilized, which would solve the problem of "murdering a human life" (according to some).

"...opponents decried the prospect of over-the-counter availability as a triumph for the 'playboy lifestyle.'" Now, any woman that has had to take 2 regular birth control pills in one day (because of forgetting, or whatever) knows that it makes you feel like shit. I can't imagine that taking Plan B would make you feel any different. It's an intense amount of hormones you're putting in your body, therefore not making it something that you would want to take on a regular, or even semi-regular basis. I mean, hello! Maybe if all these so-called opponents/idiots actually believed in birth-control and would actually take some, they would realize this.

*steps off soapbox*
Thank You.


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