Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I am so so so glad to be home. Not that I didn't like being in Pennsylvania with my family, but it's just not home anymore. I was there for a week, that should hold mom over for a while. And I know I'm going back again in the spring, so it's okay.

This is what my man got me for Christmas...I love him so. Now I just need a house to remodel. He knows I love watching Trading Spaces and While You Were Out and all that stuff. I've also started watching HGTV a lot. Fun stuff.

It's funny, though, because my dad also got me a drill for Christmas:

It's a very manly drill. Not really one you would expect a girl to have, and I kind of like that. So, I now have two drills. I can't get rid of either because one matches my other tools (and is super cute) and the other my daddy gave me. I'll just have one for small projects, and one for larger projects (like hanging drywall - you never know).
I love Christmas.


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