Monday, July 19, 2004

Ah, Monday. It's so hard to get up and get moving after being so lazy all weekend. Although I did get some things accomplished that I've been meaning to do. I was handy-girl extraordinaire. I finally got the guest bathroom in order by hanging up the towel bars and tp holder thingy. I was very proud of myself and my power drill. I love that thing. So I did that and also started to paint the kitchen. It was a sort of test-wall, to see if we would like the color or not. I think it's going to work out. But now we just have a kitchen that's only half-painted. Maybe dave will surprise me and finish it up sometime this week. Ha. But you never know.
Today is dave's 29th birthday. We're getting old! That's almost 30! That's okay though, I still have another 2 years..ha ha. I don't think I'll have a big problem turning 30..I will probably at least be pregnant by then, if I don't already have a kid. That was one of the things that was freaking me out for a while before I got engaged. I wanted to at least start having kids by 30, so I think that one is going to work out. Now if only I could get the job situation under control, or not work at all, that would be grand.
Ah, one day.


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