Friday, July 02, 2004

I felt the need to repost this one from way back in October, with a few modifications:

Things Shannon Hates:

#1: People who cross the street against the light. This is not how we use crosswalks people! Wait for the little walking man, and you won't get killed. By me.

#2: Slow elevators. I'd rather not spend any more time than necessary in a metal box. Thank you.

#3: Fire drills. We're adults. If there's an emergency, I think we can find our way out of the building. Unless you're stupid.

#4: Stupid people. Enough said.

#5: Pan-handlers. If I don't know you, I'm not going to give you money just because you're dirty and say you need it.

#6: Soap Operas. Show me a real person named Blade who was once married to a transvestite that gave birth to triplets that are not Blade's children but are from a brief liaison with an Italian Mafia boss who wants them back and wants to kill Blade's sister because he also had a brief liaison with her while dallying with her cousin at the same time. (Copyright 2004)

#7: Pop Ups. Does anyone really believe that they're just won a $50 gift card to Wal-Mart? I mean, who falls for that crap?

#8: People who stand waiting directly in front of closed elevator doors. Do you really need to be that close? You have to be the first one on the elevator? People seem to have forgotten simple elevator etiquette. No matter what kind of rush you're in, you need to wait until everyone that's getting off of the elevator has gotten off, before attempting to get on yourself. DO NOT push and shove your way past the stunned people trying to get off the elevator just to get on. Wait your turn. (Yes, I've seen it happen)

To be continued...


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